Independent Leadership

Independent Leadership

The Issue: City Council depends on its one employee – the City Manager – for technical guidance, contextual information and data support on all issues that come before Council. The City Manager gets this information from the Corporation’s professional bureaucratic staff, staff who have technical expertise in various fields applicable to all aspects of our municipality. Thus, it is the role of the City Manager to present options for City Council to consider, with clear and concise supporting information to help Council make the best choice.

However, none of this should negate independent critical thinking on the part of a Councillor. Sometimes, the presented options of the Corporation conflict with the desires of the community. Occasionally, a recommended action runs counter to an acceptable, ‘common sense’ solution to an issue. Sometimes the idea is good but the process or methodology is a challenge. It is at these points that independent leaders must step forward, to respectfully ask and challenge and to consider all information in light of the ‘best direction’ for the community. Simply saying “yes” to recommendations placed in front of you is not enough: this role is about independent leadership.

My Belief: An elected official must balance the needs of the Corporation with the needs of the community, but do so with critical thought, research and sound consideration. 

A Solution: As a voter, I look to elect people who critically think, who are open to options, who can think for themselves, who are not afraid to ask questions and who respectfully challenge.

What’s in it for you? If elected, I will continue to act on your behalf, in the capacity of an independent leader: forwarding resolutions, proposing amendments, asking questions and respectfully challenging when it conflicts with other information, data or our community.


Has the CEO ever been asked to have his department heads to come up with ways to cut 10 or 15% from there budgets? It seems like to solution to balance the budget is always raise taxes. I have never heard the words save, cut back or anything to do with austerity come from this current council. As a taxpayer and self employed business man I personally can see dozens of ways the city can run much more efficiently.
I think someone needs to look at every department to see what can be done to be more efficient. Being this is not being done by the CEO I would question his leadership. That to me is the job of Mayor and city councillors.