Lethbridge Fish and Game Association

1) Do you believe the LFGA shooting range located in Peenaquim Park to be a positive, valuable facility to City of Lethbridge residents?

Given the recreational and competitive opportunities the range provides for local, national and international sport shooting enthusiasts, I do believe this to be a positive, valuable facility for the City of Lethbridge. The range’s location makes it ideal for urban enthusiasts to properly learn about and safely use firearms, while it's proximity to city amenities makes it an attractive place to host competitions.

2) Do you believe the LFGA shooting range to be safe and sustainable in the current Peenaquim Park location?

I do believe that the range – used properly - is safe in its current location. As for the sustainability, the LFGA membership plays a lead role in this, given that membership growth, desired range configurations or physical constraints on the property may motivate the need for an alternative location. However, as it sits today, I do believe it is sustainable.

A) If so, would you support the LFGA shooting range should the need arise?

As a Member of City Council, I supported the location, the activity and the LFGA membership during the two debates that occurred this term. If firearm safety and professionalism remain paramount to the LFGA membership, then I would continue to support the LFGA range.

B) If not, would you support the relocation of the range with financial support from the City of Lethbridge?

(Since I declared my support for the range, this question is moot, as worded. Correct?)