London Road Neighbour Association Survey

1. How do you view the role of London Road Neighbourhood Association in working with City Council?

London Road is quite fortunate to have a neighbourhood association, and one that is active, knowledgeable and passionate about it’s community. The Board of the LRNA has done an excellent job in preserving the architectural heritage and “feel” of the community, while working with developers and builders who are renewing certain properties. I believe that the strength of the LRNA is that you advocate for the community to City Council, but do so through respectful and informative dialogue. Frankly, given the above, I think your relationship with Council, City Administration, your “members” and the broader community is a model for other neighbourhoods in Lethbridge.

2. How do you plan to balance the needs for development with the need for fostering restoration and preservation in the London Road Area?

As stated above, the LRNA has worked to establish a good working relationship with developers and builders. The process used by Ferrari Westwood Babbits, to change the 6th Avenue and 13th Street South blocks, demonstrates the building community’s respect for the association and the neighbourhood. It is my belief that this is the appropriate process to follow: the developer / builder meets with the Association to discuss plans well before applying for the permit. It is in this interaction that you can mitigate any issues and concerns beforehand. If a problem is not resolved and Council is to be the arbiter of the conflict, I will consider the proposal in conjunction with the existing architecture, the influence the property will have on neighbouring values and how the proposed plan will fit into the character of the neighbourhood.

3. What are you views on curbside recycling for Lethbridge?

I support a move to curbside recycling and I believe that City Council must explore all forms of curbside collection - private, public or joint enterprise - to provide the best possible service and value to our residents.

4. What are you views on water fluoridation in Lethbridge?

In April 2011, when the issue came to City Council, I voted to continue fluoridating city water, based on the available scientific literature, public health policy and personal experience.