Professional Activity Report - April 1 to September 30, 2012

  • by Jeff
  • Oct 31, 2012
Professional Activity Report

Some of you noticed – even – that I had this Professional Activity Report (below) posted on my City of Lethbridge . As you see, the Report simply states my Council activities for the last six months. It does not brag about my activities, nor compare myself to other councilors, nor editorialize decisions, nor critique my performance. It does not say how I championed this cause or saved that one. It’s a bland list of ‘here is what I’ve been up to from April to September 2012.’ It was on my City bio page for four days (Oct 25-29).

Monday (Oct 29) at Council, the report was taken down (not at my request or doing, I must add). Apparently, by posting this Report on the City’s website, I was campaigning on the taxpayer’s dollar. Campaigning? Listing my activities in list form for you – my bosses – for you to see how I spend my energies is “campaigning”? Really? So instead of being on the City’s website – where content could be controlled by the “powers” at City Hall  – they want me to put it here instead … where I CAN campaign, editorialize, critique, compare, et cetera and where content controls are provided by – well – me!

Although I vehemently disagree with the decision to have my page removed, maybe I’m missing something. So please enlighten me. In your opinion:

1) Is my Professional Activities Report a campaign document or an employee statement of activities?

2) Should it be on my City bio page – for all citizens to see - or my own web site – for those who may seek out this very webpage?

3) Should every member of City Council file a Professional Activity Report?

Feel free to Tweet your response () or leave a comment, as I’d love to get some dialogue going in this City about how we – Members of Council – can better communicate with you – our employer.


Professional Activity Report

Name: Councillor Jeffrey Coffman
Date: April 1 to September 30, 2012

Council Meetings:
These are the Monday meetings of City Council:

  • Regular Meetings of City Council (every other Monday) - 13 (absent August 7)
  • City Council sitting as Finance Committee (as scheduled: off Mondays) - 2
  • City Council sitting as Community Issues Committee (as scheduled: off Mondays) - 2

Monthly Committee Meetings:

  • Committees of Council: 2010-2013 Strategic Priorities:
  • Environment Committee
  • Open and Effective Government Committee
  • Corporate Committees:
  • Community and Social Development Committee
  • Audit Committee
  • Heart of Our City (Alternate)
  • Agenda Committee (volunteer attendance)
  • External Committees:
  • Oldman Watershed Council

Ad Hoc Committee Meetings:

  • Municipal Planning Commission - 10 (absent 3)
  • Citizen Interviews for City Committees - 3

Deputy Mayor or Acting Mayor responsibilities during the past 6 months? No

Travel to meetings, conferences or events during the past 6 months? Yes

  • Federation of Canadian Municipalities Conference, Saskatoon (May 31 - June 3)
  • Represented the City of Lethbridge in the Calgary Stampede Parade (July 6)

Responsibilities in an Official Capacity, representing the City:

  • Admiral Greenwood (Official welcome)
  • Whoop Up Days Parade
  • Lethbridge Construction Association - Meeting and Luncheon
  • AUMA Water Allocation Workshop (full day)
  • Enerflex MS Walk
  • Asian Heritage Month - Kickoff
  • Meeting with Deputy Premier
  • Joint Meeting - City of Lethbridge / County of Lethbridge Councils
  • Shaw TV - Council Meeting Recap (2 times)

Community Functions attended by invite through City Hall:

  • West Lethbridge Employment Centre ASP Open House
  • Womanspace Resource Centre Fundraiser
  • Canadian Homebuilders Association - Parade of Homes Kickoff Breakfast
  • Lethbridge and District Exhibition - President's Reception
  • LRPS Whoop Up BBQ
  • U of L Faculty of Management Dinner
  • Canadian Homebuilders Association - Business Expo Dinner
  • Dr. Gabor Mate lecture
  • Lethbridge RCAS 71st Annual Inspection
  • Lethbridge - St. Laurent Exchange - Welcome Reception and Farewell Dinner

Correspondence: There is an expectation that Councillors will respond to any and all correspondence we receive. While members of Council will often take turns responding to emails where we have all been addressed, many individuals and organizations still require additional responses and follow up. In the past six months, I responded to approximately 640 citizen emails and approximately 30 phone calls. NOTE: These figures do not include communication with other Councillors and Administration.

Meetings with Citizens: Citizens want or need to meet with me for a variety of reasons. The following is a list of citizens or citizen groups with whom I have met. NOTE: the list is not necessarily complete as some people do request or require anonymity.

  • Lethbridge Senior Citizens Organization (monthly - 2nd Thursday)
  • Nord Bridge Seniors Citizens Organization (monthly - 3rd Friday)
  • Coffee klatches
  • Local developers
  • Individuals
  • Representatives from:
  • Heart of Our City
  • Construction industry
  • Greensence
  • Lethbridge Skateboard Association
  • Holiday Trails
  • Canadian Homebuilders Association - Lethbridge
  • Lethbridge and District Exhibition
  • Director - EMW

Research: Councillors are often required to research citizen inquiries, policy ideas, issues and opportunities. NOTE: This list does not include research on agenda items for regular meetings of Council or Committees as separate time is dedicated to those commitments.

Lighting standards in subdivisions

  • Roadway standards
  • Procurement process
  • Accountability and Efficiency policy
  • Councillor Activity Report
  • MRSR / PAYG policies
  • HR policies
  • Capital Improvement Plan
  • Urban forest protection bylaw
  • Accessibility Tour of City pathways, sidewalks and roadways
  • Residential solar panels
  • Suites in RL Zoning

Official Business Resolutions to City Council: When a Councillor wishes to create, amend or delete a Corporate policy, or give instruction to the City Manager, it must be done through a formal resolution at a Regular Meeting of City Council.

May 14: Resolution to AUMA re: Support for 6 Storey Wood Structures

Enquiries on Council agenda: Often, members of Council are tasked by the public to ask about practices, policies or the operation of the Corporation. While these can be done simply through an email enquiry to the City Manager, sometimes it is best if the whole community can hear the response due to the breadth or interest of the subject.

  • Apr 16: Update on councillor v. alderman bylaw
  • Apr 30: Archived video of council meetings
  • Apr 30: Community lighting program - bulb disposal
  • Apr 30: Correspondence to city hall
  • May 28: Replacing urban canopy
  • May 28: Justification for a change to General Contractors for building permits
  • June 25: Signage on hwy 4
  • July 23: Laws and bylaws regarding the use of mopeds and motor scooters 
  • Aug 20: Tax payment deadline