Professional Activity Report - October 1, 2012 to March 31, 2013

  • by Jeff
  • Apr 30, 2013
Professional Activity Report

Professional Activity Report

Name: Councillor Jeffrey Coffman
Date: October 1 2012 to March 31, 2013

Statement of Approach to Council Work: I approach my role as a Councillor from the perspective of representation, emphasizing citizen engagement and information-based decision making.

Council Meetings: These are the Monday meetings of City Council.
Regular Meetings of City Council (every other Monday) - 13
City Council sitting as Finance Committee (as scheduled) – 7 (absent March 25th)
City Council sitting as Community Issues Committee (as scheduled) – 3
City Council sitting for Public Hearings (as scheduled) - 4

Monthly Committee Meetings: These are the regularly scheduled monthly meetings.
Committees of Council: 2010-2013 Strategic Priorities:
Environment Committee - 3
Open and Effective Government Committee - 3

Corporate Committees:
Community and Social Development Committee (absent due to scheduling conflict)
Audit Committee - 2
Agenda Committee - 12
Heart of Our City (Alternate) - 1

External Committees:
Oldman Watershed Council (absent for most due to scheduling conflict)
Attended OWC retreat Jan 12th – Pincher Creek, AB.

Ad Hoc Committee Meetings: These are committees that meet as required.
Municipal Planning Commission – 5 (absent 2)

Correspondence: There is an expectation that Councillors will respond to any and all correspondence we receive. While members of Council will often take the initiative to respond to emails where we have all been addressed, many individuals and organizations still require additional responses and follow up. In this reporting period, I averaged approximately 500 emails, 5 letters and approximately 40 phone calls per month. NOTE: These figures include communication with other Councillors and City Administration and Staff. Additionally, all Councillors recieved an increase in emails and phone calls in the latter part of this reporting period, as a result of citizen participation in the Capital Improvement Program budget process.

Research: Councillors are often required to research citizen inquiries, policy ideas, issues and opportunities. NOTE: This list does not include research on issues relating to regular meetings of City Council or Committees as separate time is dedicated to those commitments.

Land Use Bylaw
Pedestrian-oriented facilities
Municipal Planning Commissions
Development / zoning regulations
Curbside recycling
Option analyses
HR processes
North Scenic Drive construction
Capital Improvement Program
Municipal budgeting and reporting
IT auditing methods
Urban lighting

Official Business Resolutions to City Council: When a Councillor wishes to create, amend or delete a Corporate policy, or give a specific instruction to the City Manager, it must be done through a formal resolution at a Regular Meeting of City Council.

Oct 29: Amend: Council Remuneration Resolution
Nov 26: Table: Transportation Master Plan
Jan 7: Refer: Transportation Master Plan to Community Issues Committee meeting

Enquiries on Council agenda / Requests for Information: Often, members of Council are tasked by the public to ask about practices, policies or the operation of the Corporation. While these can be done simply through an email enquiry to the City Manager, sometimes it is best if the whole community can hear the response due to the breadth or interest of the subject. Sometimes, though, citizens require a more detailed response or specific information or their inquiry is sensitive in nature. As such, I often make a Request for Information to the City Manager, who finds the answer and responds accordingly.

Oct 1: New Recycling Depots
Dec 10: Evaluation of Priority Rating of Roads during Snow Events
Feb 4: Gentrification Mapping
Feb 19: Waste Cart Replacement Policy
Feb 19: Electronic Signage Policy

Meetings with Citizens: Citizens want or need to meet with me for a variety of reasons. The following is a list of citizens or citizen groups with whom I have met. NOTE: the list is not necessarily complete as some people do request or require anonymity.

Lethbridge Senior Citizens Organization (monthly - 2nd Thursday)
Nord Bridge Seniors Citizens Organization (monthly - 3rd Friday)
Downtown business owners
Independent developers
Coffee klatches
Representatives from:
Coulee Corridor
Canadian Homebuilders Association
Lethbridge Astronomy Society

Deputy Mayor or Acting Mayor responsibilities during the reporting period? No

Travel to meetings, conferences or events during the reporting period? Yes
Oldman Watershed Council Retreat: January 12, Pincher Creek

Responsibilities in an Official Capacity, representing the City: The following is a list of events I attended as the representative of City Council and the citizens of Lethbridge.

Grade 6 Tours of City Hall – 5
SHAW Interviews – 2
Joint Meeting with County of Lethbridge Council

Community Functions attended by invite through City Hall: The following is a list of events I attended as a member of City Council.

Robert Hironaka Dinner (University of Lethbridge)
Prentice Institute for Global Population and Economy
International Day of Disabilities
Urban Development Institute
Canadian Homebuilders Association – Building the Best Awards
Canadian Homebuilders Association – President Reception
Lethbridge Food Bank Auction
Dinner with Minister Klimchuk
Chamber of Commerce – Flavours of the World Dinner
Alberta Clean Technologies Industry Alliance – “Clean Drinks” Networking & Learning
Lethbridge Ethnic Association – International Dinner and Dance
Nord Bridge Seniors – Spring Luncheon